Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 4 learning points

-When moving the parabola up or down, the Line of Symmetry(LoS) remains the same.
-Negative Square Root = NO SOLUTION!
-It is possible for a parabola to have equal roots= 1 root OR 1 line OR never intercept at all which is no solution
-Solving a parabola = finding the point where 2 intercepts Or where it intercepts the x -axis
-Not rational number cannot be solved by factorisation

When completing a square, you are trying to make the equation into (a+b)^2 or (a-b)^2
So for example: x^2+ 2x+ 2=0
x^2 +2x = -2
So, multiply the coefficient of 2x which is 2 so = 4
Then square it so its  4^2
Then add it to the other side to equal the equation out.
x^2 + 2x + 4^2 = -5 +4^2
Then solve for x normally.

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